Until  recently, I have run a Financial Planning and Investment Management firm in Marin County.  After I put my 3 kids down at night, I found that the best way for me to relax was to start using the creative side of my brain.

 For as long as I can remember, I have enjoyed baking and making an event sparkle.  Making the distinction between baking and cooking is VERY important. Growing up, when my mom always asked me to help her cook, my usual response was I would rather help you bake. There it was, I knew at a very early age, the time that I got my long, brown hair caught in the mixmaster, that I loved to bake.  I laugh every time I recall the moment and image.

Being that my maiden name is Melissa Sugarman, I guess it was always in my DNA to love baking and sugar cookies!  So I finally decided to follow my creative spirit and start a side business, Suggie’s Cookies. Not to mention, my close friends during my years in college, always referred to me as “Suggie”.

As a baker, there is not a better feeling in the world than to see a smile on a child’s face when they first see what I have created – not to mention many adults I know :).  I feel like I have baked and decorated successfully when I  see children go into deep negotiations with their parents on how to get “that cookie”  into their mouth.

I love making creative and unique cookies for my clients and after being asked again and again if I do cookie classes, I can now say, “yes, yes I do”. (Can you see the smile on my face? My eyes are lighting up, too!)

So join me “In the Studio” where we will bake and create together. You will be so impressed by what you never knew you were capable of doing. It’s the best kind of therapy out there plus you get to eat your creations! (Yay!)

See you soon! :)